Trading on the Event Horizon

At our company, we specialize in event-driven trading strategies that leverage market opportunities created by specific events.


We generate returns with market-neutral event strategies that identify long and short positions in stocks affected by events.


We use data-driven analysis for strategic trading decisions, helping us generate superior returns for our stakeholders.


Our risk management approach balances protection and growth to ensure stakeholder investments are safe yet profitable.

Our Mission

Empowering Investment Success with Strategic Event-Based Trading.

We believe that event-based trading is one of the most powerful tools available to investors, providing a unique opportunity to profit from market inefficiencies created by specific events. By leveraging our expertise in event analysis and risk management, we are able to identify and capitalize on emerging opportunities while carefully managing risk exposure.


Trading the Biggest EU Corporations with Event-Based Market Neutral Strategies

Our company specializes in event-based market neutral strategies trading, with a focus on the largest corporations in the European Union. We trade in a diversified range of sectors, including technology, healthcare, finance, energy, and consumer goods.

Our approach to market-neutral trading is designed to minimize exposure to broader market movements and capture opportunities created by specific events, such as earnings releases, mergers and acquisitions, and regulatory announcements. By using both long and short positions in carefully selected stocks, we are able to generate attractive returns with reduced market risk.


trades in in the stocks of the biggest EU corporations by market capitalization


trades in other markets

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